Introducing Picker for iOS: App discovery for app hunters

A new social app discovery tool just reached the App Store letting you  bookmark and download iOS apps from any website. All with friends.

BARCELONA - Forget about the hassle of downloading iOS app from websites. Picker links your computer and your iPhone by using a Pocket-like browser bookmarklet and a free iPhone app to let you save, download and share any iOS app you stumble upon.

Improve your app discovery experience while you build a new app hunter profile. Start bookmarking apps from any website or blog. Get them listed on your personal app list and share them with your followers.

Main features

  • Bookmark iOS apps from any website

Collect & save great app discoveries to your profile list. Install now the Picker bookmarklet on your browser and start collecting apps from any website.

  • Share app discoveries with friends and followers

Stay tuned with the latest app findings picked by your friends & other app hunters like you. Get all apps in a rich newsfeed.

  • Push app downloads to your iPhone
Use Picker to launch app downloads directly from your computer to your iPhone. Forget about the hassle of iTunes, sync, searches...nit